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Capture more reservations... Do you run your hotel... or does it run you?
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Many innkeepers and property managers find themselves trapped in the never-ending cycle of inn management: taking reservations, checking guests in, checking them out, cleaning their room, taking reservations, checking guests in... forever.

We can help. Online Inns is in the business of reducing the stress and burden of inn and hotel management. Our online system is a fully integrated property management and real-time online reservation system. All of the reports you want are there to help you make decisions and make the backoffice run smoother. Capture more reservations by allowing your guests to book from your web site while decreasing the cost and effort of acquisition. That frees up your time to take better care of your guests.

Running your inn should be fun and easy. Let us show you how.

“The first thing you do is build or buy a hotel. The second thing you do is get the software from Online Inns that allows you to run it!” – Bob Johnson, Johnson Mill.
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A hotel with a web site where guests cannot book in real-time is like a fishing boat with a large hole in its net. Even though they might get a good catch, how much potential profit is lost?

Current trends show that guests are becoming more web-savvy and traveling closer to home. We allow guests to book online from your web site. National services like Expedia and Travelocity are great, but there are still reservations to be captured from your web site. Whether you are a destination hotel or not, most guests still visit your web site to view pictures of your location, rooms, and amenities.

Try us out. You will be satisfied with how easy it is to capture more reservations directly from your web site. You will enjoy more freedom and peace of mind, knowing that your guests can make a real reservation during hectic office times and after hours.
The Anniversary Inn
The Anniversary Inn eliminated the expense and need for their overflow call center by allowing their guests to book online from their website. Now over 1/3 of all reservations are made online. On the management side, it now takes them a fraction of the time to do their daily finances and reports.
Hines Mansion
15% of all reservations for Hines Mansion are booked through our system. They have experienced more freedom and peace of mind, knowing that their guests can book online when they are not able to get to the phone both during and after business hours.
Johnson Mill
21% of the guests at Johnson Mill booked online the first month. They now average 30%. That is only the start. The system has improved the way in which the Mill tracks reservations, comps, trade, finances, and occupancy.